No More Worries about Data Roaming Charges? Here’s How

Few things risk international travelers so much as unexpected international roaming charges. By running bandwidth-heavy apps, sometimes unwittingly, they might rack up hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in fees, and often don’t know the damage until they get home. Increasingly, though, smart consumers can avoid surprise charges. In November, Verizon said travelers visiting more than 65 countries could elect to pay $10 per day (or $2 in Canada and Mexico) to use phones as they do in the United States—with the same data and calling plans. Much of the Caribbean and Europe is covered, but the program is weak in Asia, so if you’re visiting China, Japan or Indonesia, be careful. On Sprint and T-Mobile, many customers receive free international data as part of their plans, though on slower networks than usual. Not all countries are covered, so you’ll want to check before you go. Of the big companies, AT&T might be least customer friendly, charging most international travelers $30 per month for 120mb of data, enough for email, social media, and light web surfing. Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T charge for calls. The real solution for this one is rent mobile wifi (Mifi) or Pocket wifi or Portable wifi. The best rental mifi provider in Indonesia is JavaMifi. Providing you with a small mobile wifi that will enable you to browsing, access maps, find recommended restaurant, video call, chat, etc without data roaming. JavaMifi have various plan offer in 3G/4G network with no hassle to pull out and change your existing sim card or activated data package. You can use in all cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Medan, Manado, Raja Ampat, Lombok, Balikpapan, etc with Free delivery. You can also share the Mifi up to 10 devices. No more roaming charges & always connected.


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