Internet Solution for Indonesia Travel Wifi

Along with the development of technology, the need to communicate via the internet is a "primary" need both at home and abroad. Currently, there are a lot of complementary accessories that are intended to accompany the main gadgets that we usually use. One of them is MiFi which is now increasingly popular in the country.

Its function is as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, so the MiFi device will be connected to the cellular network so that it will have an internet connection. Then, the connection is shared again with other devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or others via a WiFi network. So, those who have MiFi devices will have a private WiFi network that can be carried anywhere.

This will obviously be very helpful to save spending on internet costs for people who have many gadgets at once, especially if they are abroad. In this case, they only need to buy one internet package abroad (such as: Japanese internet, European internet, Korean internet, Singapore internet, American Internet, etc.) and all this MiFi can be used by multiple devices simultaneously.

Imagine when we travel abroad and do not have any internet, we will experience many difficulties. For example, when we travel to Japan where all the writing on the signposts are written in Japan Language, we really need an internet connection to be able to access maps and find the appropriate bus or train route. Another example, when we travel to Europe which is usually around several countries at once, then by renting a Europe modem on Java Mifi we can enjoy unlimited internet with multi operators in all countries in Europe.

In today's era, it is undeniable that the internet is a primary need that we must have anytime and anywhere. In addition to foreign modem rental, Java Mifi also has Indonesian MiFi products. This product provides “freedom” to be able to access the internet from anywhere in Indonesia. This product is equipped with a CLOUD SIM, so there are 3 operators at once in this MiFi and the MiFi will automatically connect directly to one of the strongest providers where you are. So don't be surprised, if you move around one day, the operator will also change according to the strongest signal where you are. So, how to use it? Yes, it's easy! We just have to rent a modem abroad or rent an Indonesian modem on the Java Mifi website, then turn on MiFi, and connect the MiFi or modem to a smartphone or laptop device, then we can start surfing wherever we are, both in remote parts of Indonesia and abroad! Simple, right? You can rent a Japan router, rent a Europe router, rent a Korea router, rent an Australia router, rent an Asia router, rent an America router, or even rent an Indonesia router.


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