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China HK Macau SIM 7 days

Rp.275000 Rp.0

  • Description
  • 4G Travel SIM Card, Unlimited Data, Pre-activated, Just Plug & Play. Includes 3-in-1 SIM Card, Manual Guide, Warranty Card

    Coverage : China Hong Kong Macau
    Active Period : 7 days (Count every 24 hours from activated time)
    Data : Unlimited (Open All Access for Facebook, Google, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc, No Need VPN)
    Size : 3 in 1 (Micro, Mini, Nano) compatible for Android & IOS smartphone and tablet PCs
    Reloadable : Not Supported
    Tethering : Supported
    Call & Text : Not Available
    SIM Validity : 3 months from purchase

    *Covered with 100% money back guarantee

    *Fair Usage Policy applied