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Hajj Package 30 days

Rp.1250000 Rp.0

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  • Description
  • Unlimited Quota with FUP 1 GB/day for 30 days (After reach FUP, speed will goes to 3G speed with no data limit).
    Coverage in Saudi Arabia (Nationwide)

        Data : Unlimited with Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies to your daily data allowance. If the data you use exceeds 1 GB per day, the connection speed will be throttled down to 3G speed, which is still good for chatting/lite web browsing/social media. There are no quota caps – it’s completely unlimited. Speed will back to normal on 00:00 local country time every day.
        Speed : 4G LTE Network up to 100 Mbps data speed
        Device Sharing : Up to 5 devices
        Battery Life : 15 – 20 Hours (5000 mAh)
        Package Includes Mobile WiFi, Battery, USB Data Cable, Guidebook, Pouch, Universal Travel Adapter