How To Get Internet In Bali

Many people seem to have challenges getting good internet connection in Indonesia.

If you are visiting Indonesia, Bali, Java, Lombok,the Gili islands, Sumbawa, etc. and like to have a good internet connection anywhere anytime to regularly check your email, share photos on social media, do video call to your hometown, etc but don’t want to have to keep using internet cafes or wifi spots, know you have two alternative:

You can buy an Indonesian SIM card that will give you internet access through your phone

To get your phone connected to the internet in Bali, you need to buy an Indonesian SIM card. Telkomsel or XL are the best brand to go with for Bali. You can bought SIM card at the airport in Bali – when you walk out of the international terminal, there’s a few small kiosks selling snacks etc. One of them also advertises SIM cards and credit top-ups. Asked the guy there for a SIM card, and then also asked him if he could activate the GPRS service. This is the crucial bit to get the internet connectivity. The GPRS is activated through sending a couple of SMSs — but it’s hard to do it yourself because the instructions and texts are all written in Bahasa Indonesian. After that you have to put into your phone, change your existing SIM card with the new one. So you can’t be reached with your primary number while in Bali – it really uncomfortable and hard if you still need to make your primary number active.

You can just rental pocket wifi / portable wifi / mobile wifi

This is the easy way to get internet access in Bali. Currently you can easily rental the pocket wifi or Mifi (mobile wifi) that can connected to your 10 devices to the internet. The No 1 Rental Mifiprovider in Indonesia is JavaMifi with premium service and support you can get freedom access to internet without worry about roaming fees, unsecure public wifi, and hassle step to change the SIM card. Just connect to your own Wifi name, input the password authentication and start browsing. You can use the internet for anything and like to have the highest possible speed. JavaMifi provide mobile wifi / pocket wifi partnership with the best provider in town and ensure you get the best experience using the internet. Besides, it’s fairly cheap considering the mobility, flexibility and fantastic life style a 3G connection and a laptop offers when you can work from beautiful beaches, cozy cafes or your Bali villa pool


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