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"My husband & I have used Java Mifi unlimited packages several times. We have used it in Norwaygia, Dubai (transit), Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand. We were satisfied with the quality of connection and durability of the battery. Signal was generally strong (exceptions for certain areas such as Mount Fuji / Mout Cook which apparently had no signal for any SIM cards). We will still use Java Mifi in the future, highly recommended." - Sarah, Indonesia

"wifi sangat berguna sekali selama trip di US. sinyal 4gnya selalu up terus dan sinyal kenceng, " - hendar, Indonesia

"Puas sekali dengan mifi dari Java Mifi. sinyal stabil hampir di semua tempat saya pakai di malaysia . baterai nya juga kuat seharian sampai malam. highly recommended. next time if i have to travels abroab, i would like to use java mifi again. thx" - Hernanda Imawan, Indonesia

"Just use it in japan ... the signal is good.." - Chandra Garnida, Indonesia

"Sy menggunakan sim card internasional selama di rusia selama 8 hari.. harga terjangkau dan sinyal okey dengan kuota data internet yg sangat mendukung utk bersosmed, chatting dan nonton youtube" - Ike , Indonesia