Promo Cathay Pacific


*XXX = 3 Digit Pertama Cathay Pacific Ticket Number

Kunjungi Cathay Pacific Fair dan dapatkan diskon 20% travel wifi untuk semua destinasi dan pemesanan tiket Cathay Pacific di channel manapun.


  1. Customer membeli tiket di Cathay Pacific dari penyedia jasa tiket yang tersedia penerbangan dengan Cathay Pacific sebelum sewa travel wifi
  2. Kunjungi
  3. Pilih destinasi yang kamu inginkan, pilih tanggal aktifasi dan tanggal kembali lalu klik "BOOK"
  4. Input "CXREGxxx", isi xxx = 3 digit awal ticket number Cathay Pacific lalu "CHECK COUPON"
  5. Lengkapi form pemesanan dengan benar
  6. Lengkapi form "DELIVERY & RETURN" dengan benar
  7. Pilih metode pembayaran lalu "CONFIRM"
  8. Selesaikan pembayaran


  1. Periode promo mulai dari 6 Agustus 2018 – 31 March 2019
  2. Ticket Number Cathay Pacific bias didapat dari channel lain selain


  1. Customer must made a purchase of Cathay Pacific ticket from before making rental request.
  2. Click
  3. Select the desired destination country
  4. Choose start date and end date then click "BOOK"
  5. Please input "CXREG" along with 3 first digit of Cathay Pacific ticket number; i.e. CXREG123 in "CHECK COUPON" then fill out the registration form completely
  6. Fill the Secure Booking page with valid pickup, return & refund data
  7. Select payment then "CONFIRM"
  8. Finish payment



  1. Limited transaction time from August 6, 2018 August to March 31, 2019
  2. Customers can buy Cathay Pacific tickets through other channels
  3. Customer should enter "CXREG" in the promo code field along with 3 first digits of Cathay Pacific ticket number.
  4. There’s no minimum or maximum number of device rented. 
  5. Minimum 3 days for device rented.
  6. 20% discount also applies for deposit fee.
  7. Change date after rental confirmation is allowed and free of charge.
  8. Request for additional rental days after rental confirmation can be done by applying the published fare with manual order. Please contact JavaMifi customer service for assistance. 
  9. Request to change destination after rental confirmation can be done by applying the published fare with manual order. Please contact JavaMifi customer service for assistance.
  10. Cancellation is allowed free of charge as long as the pocket Wi-Fi has not been delivered, otherwise IDR50,000/unit will apply. 
  11. 4G Pocket Wi-fi rental terms and conditions apply (Please refer to JavaMifi’s website).
  12. This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
  13. All disputes are subject to the final decision of JavaMifi.
  14. Please contact JavaMifi customer service at (+62) 81294740007 by Whatsapp or Call for help and urgent orders.


Q : What if customer already book JavaMifi and want to change the flight schedule?
A : Customer can change the schedule for using JavaMifi flexibly without any charge
Q : Which price will be charged if customer want to add more days of using JavaMifi during travelling or outside booking page (manual order through Costumers Service) ?
A : Website JavaMifi publish prices will be used
Q : Any penalty if customers want to cancel the booking of JavaMifi?
A : No penalty for cancellation as long as the devise is not delivered by JavaMifi. Otherwise, penalty of Rp 50.000,- will apply. 
Q : Is this promo eligible for Java SIM CARD and inbound pocket wifi?
A : No, this promo is only valid for outbound pocket wifi




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