Internet in Indonesia

Travel to Indonesia but need a steady Internet connection?

Sick of the bottle necked WiFi speed in hotels? Or Worry about unsecured public cafe WiFi? Well, you’re far from alone. Most people who’ve been to the country know the feeling.

Internet Connection in Indonesia

The sheer number of users on the same network drops the speed for each connected device: in most cases, it would even be faster to use your phone’s mobile data service. Besides that, some hotels do not even offer free WiFi in the rooms and require you to go to the lobby. Hardly the sort of experience most people expect when they imagine comfort during their travels.

There used to be little you could do about this other than staying at a friend’s place (assuming said friend had Cable/Fiber Internet) wherever you were traveling. Apparently, a better alternative now exists. These days, it has become possible to actually rent your own Internet here!

Well, technically, you shall be renting the router, actually. This service from Java Mifi basically makes WiFi rental in the Indonesia a possibility.

For US $5 a day, Java Mifi will allow you to rent one of portable WiFi gadgets.

Each of the pocket routers is entirely wireless in its connection. It makes use of 2G, HSPA, 3G, and LTE networks over the air, so for most intents and purposes, any area where there is a decent cellular network signal should see these gadgets running properly. Given that they can make use of LTE networks, they can get good Internet speeds too. The maximum speed achievable is 100Mbps, and the minimum speed on a regular signal is 10Mbps. The Device mobile wifi also very reliable when a signal is available.

Pocket Wifi Rental in Indonesia

Renting one of these mobile wifi / pocket wifi / portable router is easy. All of it is easily accomplished via the website too and can be set up ahead of time. Once you have placed an order and stated the date you want the router to be at your chosen location/lodgings, you simply pay and go about your business. Java Mifi sends the device to the location before you arrive so that you can start using it as soon as you get there – a definite plus for the business travelers in the country.

Java Mifi states that each router can handle up to 10 separate devices connecting to its network. It also states that the routers use WPA2 technology to provide security for all connected devices. This is to reduce the risk of hackers infiltrating users’ computers or phones while connected to the network.

Each of the routers is also supplied with a charger and can be used as a powerbank. The minimum rental time is 2 days.

This new pocket WiFi rental option in Indonesia is expected to find the most use among those coming to the country from overseas as well as frequently traveling local businessmen. The company has stated that it also expects local groups on vacation to be likely to try out the service, no doubt banking on the growing attachment to the online world to compel local consumers to seek better connections on the road.


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